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[Nëim010] Yapacc - Bad Girl EP
+ The Midnight Perverts & Wildkats remixes

release date: october/17/2011
download : press release

Yapacc returns with a new release that has once agan the beautiful Fadila on the vocals in the name of Bad Girl, a deep techy track that has a dark mood all over it. The Midnight Perverts brings down a massive twisted disco influenced remix that is full os surprises, this track has been supported by people like Art Department & Damian Lazarus for a long long time. Last but not least, Wildkats puts their trademark funk on their wicked version of the track, it sure is a dancefloor killer. Make sure you dont miss this great release.

name: BLOODY MARY                      
affiliation: Dame Music

feedback: The Midnight Perverts remix is a bomb!

Rating: 5 *****                                  InChart: Yes

name: Groove Sounds                          
affiliation: ??

feedback: Wildkats for me!

Rating: 5 *****

name: severino panzetta                    
affiliation: HMD/Dalston Supersto

feedback: Midnight Perverts rmx is my fav

Rating: 5 *****                                  InChart: Yes

name: Dj Schwa / SOG                       
affiliation: Beef rec

feedback: Original for me!

Rating: 5 *****                                  InChart: Yes

name: Chris Gruber                            
affiliation: Baalsaal Records

feedback: M favs are the "midngiht perverts mix" and the "Wildkats Remix"!! Awesome EP - wll play and support for sure!!!

Rating: 5 *****                                  InChart: Yes

name: gabriel sordo                           
affiliation: Dirt Crew

feedback: top release!

Rating: 5 *****                                  InChart: Yes

name: AFFKT                                    
affiliation: Sincopat

feedback: Amazing tracks! support

Rating: 5 *****

name: BLOODY MARY                     
affiliation: Dame Music

feedback: The Midnight Perverts remix is a bomb!

Rating: 5 *****                                  InChart: Yes

name: Francys                                     
affiliation: Composite Resopal

feedback: likin all the versions,thx

Rating: 4 ****

name: luca doobie                             
affiliation: off rec, amnesia mil

feedback: strong tracks, original and perverts rmxs for me, sure spin! ;) L

Rating: 4 ****                                    InChart: Yes

name: Jon Dadon                                
affiliation: Musicis4Lovers.com

feedback: Support for Release - Midnight Perrverts and Wildkats mixes for us.


Rating: 4 ****

name: Pablo Bolivar                           
affiliation: Avantroots

feedback: The Midnight Perverts oerverts is dope, great release , thaks!

Rating: 4 ****                                     InChart: Yes

name: MusicSenses Blog                   
affiliation: MusicSenses Blog

feedback: High quality release. The MIdnight Perverts remix is awesome. Full support!

Rating: 4 ****                                      InChart: Yes

name: Paul Hazendonk                        
affiliation: Manual Music

feedback: The first two mixes are my cup of tea, but I'd prefer dub versions to be honest as I'm not much of a vocal playing DJ..

Rating: 4 ****

name: Carl                                             
affiliation: Plug iN Zine

feedback: review to follow

Rating: 4 ****

name: Mirco Violi                                
affiliation: Supernature

feedback: great release!

Rating: 4 ****

name: Lars Wickinger                         
affiliation: So What Music

feedback: The first Track is realy nice!

Rating: 4 ****

name: Daniel Sanchez                        
affiliation: BLA BLA Records

feedback: Original Mix is great! thanx

Rating: 4 ****

name: flash brothers                          
affiliation: agnosia records

feedback: The Midnight Perverts mix is cool groovy nu-disco vibe!

Rating: 4 ****

name: ONNO                                        
affiliation: Souvenir, Upon Yo

feedback: Midnight perverts remix is dope.. would have been nice to have a dub as well though :-) thanks!

Rating: 4 ****

name: Javier Carballo                          
affiliation: Overall Music

feedback: i love the remixes!!!!

Rating: 4 ****

name: Medu                                         
affiliation: Tip Tap Records

feedback: Nice Ep!! thx

Rating: 3 ***

name: Italoboyz                                   
affiliation: Mothership

feedback: downloaded for Italoboyz . Thx (-;

Rating: 3 ***

InChart: Yes

name: todd                                          
affiliation: resident advisor

feedback: thanks!

Rating: 3 ***

name: Mouj                                        
affiliation: Sasha

feedback: Downloaed for Sasha

Rating: 3 ***

name: Noah Pred                                
affiliation: Thoughtless

feedback: Nice pack - original & Perverts mix for me, thanks.

Rating: 3 ***

name: mihai popoviciu                        
affiliation: highgrade rec.

feedback: original and midnight remix are sweet!

Rating: 3 ***

name: TimRial                                       
affiliation: n/a

feedback: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track

Rating: 3 ***

Alex Niggemann
Remixes for me!

Tim Green (Get Physical / Cocoon)
great release! original and wildkats remix for me thanks!

Mauro Alpha (Undeliving/Amazing /Heatflow/Polar Noise)
original is cool but will edit for play it without pads sounds! thanks

cesare vs disorder
nice! thanks

Marco Balcazar (Neim)
TMP remix rocks!

the midnight perverts remix rocks as always

Francisco Allendes (Andes Music / Cadenza)
midnight pervets remix for me, thanks a lot!

TMP & Wildkats rmx sound quite similar but both have great bodies, koodles for both!

all nice and tight! wildkats remix for me!

Martin Parra (www.martinparra.com)
Cool groove by Wildkats.


Fabian Argomedo (Monique Musique / Pressure )
Nice tracks!!! thanks

Kev OBrien (Stranjjur/ Fresh Meat )
Midnight perverts! nice job by wildkats as well

Adi Dumitra (Snejl, Only Records, Frisky Radio)
it cant go wrong. i think the original is my favorite, and the TMP remix is definitely a floor killer too, awsome groove from Uwe, lets keep them coming!

Catastrophic (Tunnel FM)
Really cool this EP. Support from Tunnel FM ;)

Hermanez (aella / tronic)
cool stuff, remixes are good

Severino Panzetta
Yeah TMP remix is my fa

Hanfry Martinez
lovvv neim !! Full support !

Will Crawshaw (Hourglass Music / Digital Delight)
Wicked release! Midnight Perverts and Wildkats remixes are for me! Thanks!

great release !awesome rmxs!

Pepper (Nëim)

Manuel Sofia (Natura Sonoris, Sudbeat, Noizen)
original mix is supe! rb!

Drastic Dan
(Moon Harbor)
The Original is cool


De:Bug (De:Bug)
review to follow

Marco Effe (Break New Soil / Cecille / Sci+Tec)
Cool Tracks! Original Mix for me!

Niko Schwind
really nice e.p. like all tracks!! thanks!


Gabriel Sordo (Dirt Crew )
Wildkats and Tmp for me

Audiojack (Gruuv)
Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track

Francys (Composite/Resopal/Time Has Changed)
loving the whole release!

Sasch BBC (8Bit, Brise, Plastic City)
this is the kind of promo you love to get! all mixes are great. thanx alot.

Adriano Filippucci (Highgrade,Monique,Time Has changed,Musik Gewinnt Freunde,Einmale)
original for merthank ur

Oscar Aguilera / Soul Of Life (Travelling Soul, Lapsus Music, Florida 135, elRow Sunday Morning)
For me the Wildkat's Remix, support. Thanks!!!

Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail)
original mix is the best of the bunch i think.

gio rugerio (Difficult People)
Been rocking for long time TMP rmx, now its time to drop this bomb courtesy of wildkats, Floorfiller 100%

Signal Deluxe (blaq, adjunct, thoughtless)
mega dope release from the Neim camp, this guys have all our support from day one, good freinds and amazing music! lovin this one! Yappac is one of the greatest!!

Nicolas Duvoisin (Fantastic Friends Rec.)
like Yapacc version!

Logiztik Sounds (Maktub, emFire, GU)
solid stuff!

Matt Fear (Hot Waves / Mexa / Digital Delight)
Solid release all round! Love all the mixes