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[Nëim009] Balcazar - La Suma de Dos EP
+ Chris Lattner, The Midnight Perverts, Balcazar & Sordo remixes

release date: august/01/2011
download : press release

Balcazar is one of the most dedicated & also is considered one of the best producers in Mexico, with a unique sound he always delivers great production skills & in his first EP under Neim Records is no exception. With La Suma de Dos, Marco gives us a moody track that has feelings all over it, groovy bass, pads, piano chords, we consider this track one of his best production. Chris Lattner well known for his releases in Moon Harbour & Fear of flying, adds groove remixing La Suma de Dos making it dancefloor ready, this one has already recieved good critics from his fans making them wait for its release. For the 3rd remix, Marco teams up with Sordo a Mexican Dj that has been over 10 years in the business; to create a disco influenced track with a funky bass that keeps the mood on early sets. Rito takes us to the dark side of Balcazar, heavy bass, haunting pads it what this track is all about, this sure sounds great on big systems. The Midnight Perverts turns Rito in to a total different direction, turning the dark path in to a heavenly  realm with a mellow, with his remix he proves that he is a try style chameleon.

name: luca doobie
affiliation: radio popolare milno

feedback: brilliant deep stuff, i likeeee ;) L

Rating: 5 *****

name: Dj Schwa / SOG
affiliation: Beef records

feedback: Great music. Can't pick my fav. Will try them all.

Rating: 5 *****                          InChart: Yes

name: Patrick Zigon
affiliation: Highgrade

feedback: great ep - like all tracks!!

Rating: 4 ****

name: Shadi Megallaa
affiliation: Leftroom

feedback: DOPE release here. My favs are 1,3 & 4. Great summertime music. Will def play. Thanks for the jams

Rating: 5 *****

name: bloody mary
affiliation: dj

feedback: great release, full support!!

Rating: 5 *****                          InChart: Yes

name: Mihalis Safras
affiliation: Material

feedback: Latner remix is dope

Rating: 4 ****

name: Kev Obrien
affiliation: Stranjjur/Fresh Meat

feedback: All mixes of La Suma De Dos are bombs! Solid EP, but the original is the best I think!

Rating: 4 ****

name: gennaro mastrantonio
affiliation: blufin,1605,sleaze

feedback: chris lattner for me! thx

Rating: 4 ****

name: Javier carballo
affiliation: Overall Musix

feedback: strong release!!!! i love rito!! thank you verymuch!!

Rating: 4 ****                           InChart: Yes

name: stuart sandeman
affiliation: Wildkats

feedback: Great E.P! really loving Balcazars & Sordos remix :)

Rating: 4 ****                           InChart: Yes

name: mihai popoviciu
affiliation: highgrade

feedback: all tracks are good, nice discoish house!

Rating: 4 ****

name: Corey Baker
affiliation: Wildkats

feedback: Great package. Loving Rito original...will support

Rating: 4 ****

name: milton jackson
affiliation: DE

feedback: liking the lattner mix tyanks

Rating: 4 ****

name: Noah Pred
affiliation: Thoughtless

feedback: Nice grooves, thanks...

Rating: 3 ***

name: Mirco Violi
affiliation: Supernature

feedback: very nice remixes

Rating: 3 ***

name: todd burns
affiliation: ra

feedback: thanks donwloading

Rating: 3 ***

name: Marco Effe
affiliation: Break New Soil

feedback: Nice release! Chris Lattner Remix for me!

Rating: 3 ***

name: benoit
affiliation: tsugi

feedback: nice ep, tx

Rating: 3 ***

Tim Green (Get Physical / Cocoon)
nice! yeah original and chris lattner's mix is great!

axel bartsch (sportclub)
all good here

very cool ep. still love the original of la suma de dos!

Max Cooper
Balcazar & Sordo and Chris Lattner mixes are great thanks, and I love Rito!

Maik Loewen (Niveous, Poker Flat)
Nice one! Like all mixes!!! Thanks!

Logiztik Sounds (Maktub, emFire, GU)
balcazar music is always hot, big fan!

Gel Abril (Be As One)
good remix from lattner tnx!

de bug (De:Bug)
review to follow

Sasch BBC (8Bit, Brise)
great ep! originals and remixes are very nice!

Dualton (Systematic/Defected)
will try c. lattner remix

Francys (Composite/Resopal/Time Has Changed)
All tracks are cool exp ! Chris remix! Full support!

Nicolas Duvoisin (Fantastic Friends Rec.)
really nice release like it!

(cargo edition / 2020 vision)

Nice record.....deep base and vibrant chords.....original and Chris Lattner remix are dope....thanx...ekko

Fabian Argomedo (Monique Musique / Pressure )
Rito for me!!! cool release .. thx!!

Both Originals for me! Pat on the back for Balcazar once again :)

jose wated (Tiwintech)

LouLou Players
Nice deep tunes!! Thanks a lot

Huxley (Tsuba / Cecille)
I quite like rito

Cesar Coronado (Alma, Neim, Beatness)
Original & Lattner thanks.

the basslines of the original mixes are simply perfect

Natalie Coleman (MOOCH)
chris lattner remix all the way :D

gio rugerio (Difficult People)
Hard to pick one, but Balcazar/Sordo Rmx & TMP Juay the Rito Rmx are off the chain for me.

Severino Panzetta
Chris Lattner is my fav ...original pretty cool too

CHRIS GRUBER (8bit/Baalsaal Rec.)
Like the orignals and the Chris Lattner Remix is ace... Will play for sure!!!

Manuel Sofia (Natura Sonoris, Sudbeat, Noizen)
La suma de dos Original Mix is nice. Thank you!

Richie Hawtin
download for r hawtin

Adriano Filippucci (Highgrade,Monique,Time Has changed,Musik Gewinnt Freunde,Einmale)
nice packrLa Suma De Dos original and Lattner rmx for merthank u

Audiojack (Gruuv)
Download! ing for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track!

H arada

Adi Dumitra (Snejl, Only Records, Frisky Radio)
jacking! as good as the remixes are, i'll stick to the originals, loving Marco's sounds. so both will get full support, its a very "now" sound, fresh, and groovy. thanks!

Signal Deluxe (blaq, adjunct, thoughtless)
very nice release from Neim, lots of groove in these jams, hard to pick a fave! big up guys!!

Hermanez (Aella-Music)
cool release

Hanfry Martinez (Overall Music)

full support ! My fav Rito ! :)

Catastrophic (Tunnel FM)

La Duma De Dos (Chris Lattner Remix) rocks the scene! Really enjoy stuff in this EP! Thanks a lot ;)