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[Nëim 007] Various Artists Part 3
ft Cesar Coronado, Cromo7 & Wildkats

Release date: 05/09/2011
Download : press release

Neim records continue his journey thru music with Neim007, after a long break this EP contains tracks from fresh nubreeds Cesar Coronado, Wildkats & from Cromo7 an old mexican producer under a new alias.

Cesar Coronado - What are you gonna do to stop me
Already with a succesful EP out in our label, this time Cesar delivers a deep housey track with a bit of electro flavour, sexy vocals & a rolling bassline is what this track has to offer, ladies recommended.

- If ya dont
Eduardo Rossell presents his new project under a different moniker, with If ya dont he represents a sexy, percusive track filled with a latin flavour that is perfect for setting up the groove on early nights.

Wildkats - Rock yours
English newcomers, this 3 guys produced a massively heavy bass track that perfectly does the work. Make sure you play it loud on a big system, it surely will rock the most demanding dancefloor.


name: Sebastian Roya

affiliation: Connaisseur

feedback: Wow! nice stuff! If ya Dont is my fav. nice job! thanks

Rating: 5 ***** InChart: Yes

name: Javier Carballo
affiliation: Overall Music

feedback: Funk& soul.. i love wilkats - rock your!!!! but i will play all tracks... thanks..

Rating: 4 **** InChart: Yes

name: severino
affiliation: horse meat disco/sho

feedback: Hey cool groovy tracks..
What are u gonna do....is my fav

Rating: 4 **** InChart: Yes

name: Tini Tun
affiliation: We Are Here Records

feedback: great release! for me cRoMo7 and Willkats, I love it! Thanks!!!

Rating: 4 **** InChart: Yes



Rating: 4 ****

InChart: Yes

name: Hanfry Martinez
affiliation: Overall Music

feedback: rock yours for me ... full support!:)

Rating: 4 ****

name: Francys
affiliation: Resopal/Highway/THC

feedback: Nice release, groovy stuffs i like it, will try all tracks!

Rating: 4 ****

name: moodymanc
affiliation: 2020, tsuba, dessous, etc

feedback: Nice deep vibes from cromo7....like the cesar track too...will check out further thanks...

Rating: 4 ****

name: luca doobie
affiliation: off-flash-freerange

feedback: trust me i was just asking myself about neim last week and here you are! welcome back guys, solid ep :)

Rating: 4 ****

name: paco osuna
affiliation: mindshake

feedback: download thank you ;)

Rating: 4 ****

name: Kev Obrien
affiliation: Fresh Meat, Loco Rec

feedback: Rock Yours is BIG! addictive vocal, nice bassline..recipe for big moments on the floor. full support.

Rating: 4 ****

name: Luciano
affiliation: Cadenza

feedback: Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Rating: 3 ***

name: Pablo Bolivar
affiliation: Avantroots

feedback: If ya dont its great, i like the groove, thanx!

Rating: 3 ***

name: Echonomist
affiliation: Upon you, Apparel

feedback: Rock yours is great!

Rating: 3 ***

name: alexi delano
affiliation: ad limited

feedback: If ya dont!

Rating: 3 ***

name: gabriel sordo
affiliation: discoteca music

feedback: if ya dont

name: shades of grey
affiliation: beef records

quality will try them out

name: someone else
affiliation: foundsound

wildcats is nice!

name: Max Cooper

Cromo7's track is excellent - summer sounds

name: Fabian argomedo
affiliation: Monique musique / pressure

Coronado! thx

name: Alyssa
affiliation: Neim

feedback: Body groovers! Wilkats

name: Dromme
affiliation: Blaq

cesar coronado and wilkats tracks are my favorite, really great groove for the dancefloor